How to keep away from noise in aluminum alloy doors and windows?

  • 2019年09月25日 14:31:08

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How to make aluminum alloy doors and windows away from noise becomes a headache for consumers. Noise new health killer. Today's noise is really everywhere. It even seriously affects people's physical and mental health and quality of life. I was tempted to go home and get a quiet. But it’s annoying to be bothered by the noise. How to make aluminum alloy doors and windows away from these noises?

One: plus sound insulation strip
Nowadays, the aluminum alloy door and window frame of the hardcover room is equipped with a rubber sound insulation strip or a wool sound insulation strip. After a long period of sun and rain, the rubber sound insulation strip will become hard and aging, and the wool sound insulation strip will be easy to remove hair. Now there is an imported sound-insulating strip on the market, which is wrapped with cortex material. The inside is made of sound-absorbing cotton. It can prevent aging and maintain toughness, which ensures the sealing of the window frame leakage point.

Two: add noise film
Many people don't understand that a thin film can make a soundproofing effect? The sound-insulating film has a multilayer structure in which a sound-insulating resin is sandwiched by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer. The entire intermediate film uniformly distributes the particles having the heat insulating effect. When a sound-insulating film is used in a building, the high-performance interlayer film sandwiched between the films has visible light transmission properties, so that it does not block the visible light transmittance of the building and maintain a clear line of sight. It can also play an explosion-proof role.

Three: add curtains
The soundproof curtain is simply that the curtain protrudes from the top curtain box and reaches the bottom slot of the curtain. The curtain box, the curtain chute and the curtain bottom groove are like a frame, forming a complete closed window on the plane to achieve the sound insulation effect. .

Four: change the soundproof window
The soundproof window is generally composed of double or triple insulating glass and window frame. The glass used is thicker than ordinary window glass. The soundproof window glass is specially processed, and the aluminum alloy filled with desiccant is sandwiched between the glass layers. In the frame, the edge is further bonded with a sealant to the synthetic glass component; the air in the hollow is pumped away and filled with an inert gas, which can isolate the noise in each band to the greatest extent.

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