Design, manufacture and installation analysis of aluminium sliding doors and windows

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Door and window profile wall thickness design issues
According to relevant national standards,aluminium sliding doors and windows in buildings have corresponding thickness standards.
In particular, the thickness of the outer aluminum alloy door cannot be less than 2.0mm, and the thickness of the outer aluminum alloy window cannot be less than 1.4mm. This is a basic requirement for the design and installation ofaluminium sliding doors and windows. In the actual design and installation process, there is a certain deviation in the processing of aluminum alloys. More importantly, some designers have excessively sought to reduce the cost of construction, so the thickness ofaluminium sliding doors and windows has been greatly reduced. The thickness ofaluminium sliding doors and windows did not meet the corresponding standards. When the thickness ofaluminium sliding doors and windows is lower than the corresponding national standard, its related performance and use effect can hardly meet specific requirements, and this behavior also brings certain hidden dangers to subsequent use.

Corner node design problem
In recent years, people's living standards have been continuously improved.
The requirements of windows are also getting higher and higher. Users' requirements foraluminium sliding doors and windows include not only the basic aspects of hardness, strength, stability, safety, and use effects, but also the comfort and environmental protection ofaluminium sliding doors and windows. New requirements. It is worth noting that various corner windows and bay windows are widely used in buildings. On the one hand, these doors and windows meet the personal requirements of users, but on the other hand, they also cause new problems in the performance and safety of doors and windows. One of the key points is to design the corner nodes of doors and windows. At present, in the design and installation process of building doors and windows, the corner is generally designed to be 90 °, and attention is paid to connecting the corner with the building frame. During this process, there are many joints. Therefore, if the joints ofaluminium sliding doors and windows are not effectively treated, water leakage problems are prone to occur during subsequent use, which will seriously affect the user's use. On the other hand, after the corners and frames are spliced ​​in the building, the size of the door and window profiles will become larger. In this case, one of the main functions of the original windows and doors will have problems with lighting, affecting the living experience of the residents.

Zhongli Assembly and Design
For the mid-in design ofaluminium sliding doors and windows, scientific selection should be made in accordance with the actual construction to ensure that It can meet the basic use effect of building doors and windows, while paying attention to improving its aesthetic effect and use Effect to achieve the best design according to the effect. Specifically, it can be divided into windows and doors.
Grid, and functional partitioning and design according to needs, so as to meet the user's various requirements. At present, the middle rafters are mainly divided into horizontal rafters and vertical rafters, which need to be scientifically selected during the design and installation process. On the other hand, according to the different strengths of the materials, the building sashes can also be divided into ordinary middle rafters and reinforced middle rafters. This requires Make scientific choices according to the actual construction and design and installation requirements.

Accessory design
During the design and installation of aluminium sliding doors and windows in buildings, they are often Related accessories will be provided. The role of accessories is to strengthen the basic performance of doors and windows and improve their efficiency.
Fruit and service life. Design and requirements of accessories based on the different use functions of building doors and windows It's not the same, so you need to make scientific choices based on the actual conditions of doors and windows. For example, when choosing the corresponding In terms of glass, you can choose single glass and insulating glass, which must be combined in the actual installation process.
The location and use of doors and windows require scientific selection. Architecturalaluminium sliding doors and windows can be selected Wool or rubber strips, according to the position of doors and windows and use requirements in the actual design and installation process Learn to choose to ensure that it achieves the desired effect.


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