Water Analysis and Countermeasures aluminum windows and doors leak detection

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The detection of water leakage in doors and windows is a test of watertight performance and other related properties. Its measurement is closely related to the overall quality level of the building and affects people's normal life.
In order to effectively solve the problem of water leakage of doors and windows, it is necessary to thoroughly study the cause of the water leakage, and use effective solutions to improve the watertight nature of doors and windows, and create a more efficient Add a beautiful living environment. This article analyzes the leakage of aluminum alloy doors and windows during the inspection of aluminum alloy doors and windows and the direct factors that cause the leakage of water.
Provide solutions and hope to give some places to learn from.

1.1 Leakage problems and reasons of aluminum casement windows Generally speaking, only when the following three major reasons occur, the building exterior windows can seep rain. Condition: The first is that there is water on the surface of the window; the second is that the outdoor air pressure is greater than the indoor air pressure, and there is pressure Poor; there is a gap between the surface of the third window or the frame around the window to communicate indoor and outdoor. And aluminum alloy flat The places where rainwater infiltration occurs when opening windows are mainly in the following places: First, around aluminum alloy windows and walls The main interface is the gap joint; the second is the window frame and the window frame connection; the third is the window frame and the window frame The connection; the fourth is the sealing strip at the edge of the window and the connection part of the window.
1.2 Leakage and causes of accumulated water seepage from the lower part of aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows Generally speaking, doors and windows with this type of water leakage have two levels of water seal performance. appear The main factor of this window and door leakage problem is: the inner end of the lower frame room of aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows The height of the water baffle is only about 2.5cm. If it encounters water or there is a pressure difference, the water You can accumulate between the window and the water blocking surface of the lower frame of the door, because the pressure difference and the There is a proportional relationship between actual height. Therefore, if the measured pressure difference is strengthened, The actual height of the water will also increase, allowing water to flow into the house.
1.3 Leakage Problems and Causes of Beads on Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows At the beginning of the inspection of aluminum alloy doors and windows, water infiltration in the bead part of aluminium sliding doors and windows It is usually dripping slowly. If and only if the pressure difference is continuously increased, relatively serious Penetration issues. There are many factors that cause the water leakage problem in the aluminum alloy door and window bead. For example, aluminum Alloy door and window staff did not solve the sealing problem well when assembling window and door glass.
It may be that the size of the glass is not adjusted properly, and the size of the connection is inappropriate and more Displacement may occur, etc. The screws used to secure the door and window frames are not trimmed with glue.
1.4 Water leakage caused by defects in the building wall itself Other reasons for the leakage of water during the inspection of aluminum alloy windows and doors may also be due to the proximity The construction wall of the door and window entrance has its own disadvantages. The shortcomings of this type of building wall Under the effect of natural wind, rainwater will flow into the building through the windows. Especially to use Facades such as slabs are used to build exterior walls, because there is a gap between the slabs, which causes water to penetrate The problem occurred.
2 Countermeasures to Solve Leakage of Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows
2.1 Reasonable ways to improve the watertight performance of aluminum casement windows
(1) Improve the style of aluminum casement window frame profiles, and increase the strength of the connecting part of the window frame Degree, flatness and seal level. Strengthen the effect of resisting rain, and improve the watertight characteristics of doors and windows the goal of.
(2) Change the style of aluminum casement window and sash profiles. The original window sash
In the free mode, the strong connecting piece is connected, so that it is integrated with the sash frame to enhance the window. The strength, flatness, and confinement level of the joints of the fan frame strengthen the ability to withstand rainwater, and then Improve watertightness of doors and windows
(3) The pressure balanced drainage design of some doors and windows can be used, because the parts that can be used are always open.
Close, the sealing of windows and window frames is only completed by sealing tape, so some water-tight can be used The weakest part of the performance is a very critical part, and only through the use of specific procedures, Only then can the watertightness of the windows be improved. The window part is sealed inside and outside by two sealing tapes.The interior forms a hollow. The principle of isobaric pressure is to make every effort to strengthen the sealing characteristics of the rubber strip inside.
When the rainwater penetrates into the house, the hollow in the middle communicates with the outdoor, so that the pressure inside the cavity is similar to the outdoor pressure.
When the small amount of water that has penetrated into the cavity of the outer strip and penetrated into the cavity is blocked to the outside, it can be Improve the watertightness of the active parts [2].
2.2 An effective way to deal with accumulated water flowing out of the lower frame of aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows
Generally improve the level of watertightness of aluminum alloy doors and windows, that is, increase the pressure inside and outside the doors and windows Poor. At the same time, the staff of aluminum alloy doors and windows are required to raise the height of the baffle of the lower frame of the doors and windows. Through the information construction, the engineering structure can quickly understand the project Quality and safety dynamics can handle existing problems in a timely manner,To improve the efficiency of quality inspection work.
4.4 Strengthening the dynamic supervision of the detection structure
During the development of the testing industry at this stage, a very effective monitoring system has been initially established.
Management methods and systems, but in order to enable the testing industry to develop more stably, The construction of legislation and rules and regulations in the testing market should establish a more complete construction project quality Testing institutions to ensure the fairness of engineering quality testing. Need to be strengthened throughout the process The government department's management of construction engineering quality inspection work must be able to communicate with the construction unit.Carry out cooperative management to strengthen the dynamic supervision of testing institutions.
5 Conclusion
To sum up, in the current construction project construction, the quality inspection work In the future development process, the construction engineering quality inspection industry should Establish a more comprehensive quality control concept, and be able to change traditional service concepts and innovate management System so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the engineering quality inspection industry.

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