Quality requirements for UPVC front doors and door frames

  • 2019年09月25日 14:29:23

  • adminwanjia

1. The variety, type, specification, size, opening direction, installation position, connection method and packing and sealing treatment of UPVC front door and door frame should meet the design requirements. The wall thickness and setting of the inner reinforced steel should meet the quality requirements of the product standard.

2. The installation of UPVC front door and door frame must be firm. The number and position of the fixing piece and the expansion bolt should be correct, and the connection method should meet the design requirements. The fixed point should be 150-200mm from the window angle, the middle horizontal frame and the middle vertical frame, and the fixed point distance should be no more than 600mm.

3, the door should be flexible, close tight, no upturn. The sliding door must have anti-shedding measures.

4. The model, specification and quantity of the accessories should meet the design requirements. The installation should be firm, the position should be correct, and the function should meet the requirements for use.

5. The gap between the door frame and the wall should be filled with closed-cell elastic material, and the surface should be sealed with sealant. The sealant should be firmly bonded and the surface should be smooth and straight without cracks.

6. The switching force of the door leaf should meet the following requirements: the switching force of the sliding door leaf is not more than 100N.

7. The joint between the glass sealing strip and the glass and glass notch should be flat, and should not be crimped or undulated.

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