5 superior performances of UPVC French doors

  • 2019年09月25日 14:29:32

  • adminwanjia

1.Super-strong noise-reducing performance:
The French-style door has a well-constructed closed structure design, which can block the sound transmission function, block outdoor noise, and maintain the quiet and private space in the room.
2. Super airtight, watertight, wind pressure resistance:
UPVC French doors through scientific structural design and installation process, as well as their own selection of high quality imported materials with small deformation coefficient, durable performance, to ensure its good air tightness and watertight Sex, keep indoors always have a comfortable, refreshing and suitable environment, and at the same time have strong wind resistance, safety factor is higher than other equivalent ordinary doors.


3. Super-strong thermal insulation and energy-saving performance: 
The double-layer insulating glass and its closed structure adopted by UPVC French doors have strong heat preservation and energy-saving effects, so that the indoor temperature should not be lost, the indoors are kept warm and comfortable in winter, and the indoors are kept cool in the summer. Interference not only saves energy consumption, but also saves a lot of expenses for the family, pointing out that it meets the development needs of social energy conservation and consumption reduction.
4, Super convenient and convenient operation: 
UPVC French door opening and operation is convenient, using the hand-opening form, built-in detachable screen window, the door does not have to extend out of the door or open the screen door when opening the door, the door leaf can be stopped at any specified position, and The automatic locking function is fixed by the gear at the joint, which not only can prevent the entry of mosquitoes and flying insects during the opening and closing process, but also facilitates cleaning and improves safety performance.
5, The embodiment of high-end architectural art: 
UPVC French doors are made of pure natural wood monoliths, there is no other disadvantages of using the finger joint wood and the texture is not clear. Its appearance is exquisite, the lighting surface is large, the façade is rich in layers, and the depth is strong. The interior is simple and natural, luxurious and delicate, the outdoor concave and convex is scattered, the atmosphere is strong, and it meets the design style of the exterior wall of the building. It also combines modern technology, high-quality materials and exquisite crafts. With excellent performance, it also has rich artistic connotation.

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