UPVC doors are the most popular door products on the market

  • 2019年09月25日 14:29:51

  • adminwanjia

UPVC doors are the most popular door products on the market. When it comes to the UPVC door market, there are many brands. The UPVC doors price of different brands is naturally different. So what is the UPVC doors price in the market?

1. look at the brand, such as the well-known brand of UPVC doors, the general price is more than $ 28 per square meter, the general material or recycled UPVC doors products are mostly between $ 17-$ 22 per square meter, the quality of this material is poor, the color is white, White with a little black gray.

2. look at the model, the difference between the different models is also different, the general price of the sliding door is about $ 34 per square meter, the level of the door is relatively high, because the swing door should be applied to the hardware, Invisible screen doors and other accessories, all prices are generally $40-$43 yuan per square meter or more, depending on the number of hardware used, etc., there is no absolute price.

3. look at accessories such as high-quality rubber thongs, long handle locks, imported hardware, color or tempered glass, etc., so the price is different.

Therefore, in the steel door industry, there is no absolute price to compare, ten businesses may have ten prices, so it is not strange, we have to compare the same size of the same brand or the same hardware, the same workmanship Price, if the choice of the business is not good choice, it is best to choose the company with strong strength and good reputation to customize the UPVC doors. The quality of the UPVC doors standardized by the factory is more guaranteed, and the price is relatively affordable.

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