What is the price of UPVC door and frame?

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UPVC door have the advantages of heat preservation, sound insulation, impact resistance, fire resistance, anti-theft and so on. Nowadays, the UPVC doors are basically used in the building materials industry, but the price of UPVC door and frame on the market varies greatly.

What is the price of UPVC door and frame?

1. Profile quality impact
Look at the appearance of the profile. High-quality UPVC profiles contain anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet chemical components. From the outside, the color should be blue-white, not white or milky white. Generally, the profiles used in the south are three-cavity structures. Profiles with closed drainage chambers and isolation chambers, reinforcement chambers. The color is too white or gray, indicating that the stable components in the material are not enough, and it is easy to age and turn yellow. The medium and low grade steel profiles are white and yellow. Because the profile formula contains more calcium, the sun protection ability is poor, and after a few years, it will become yellower until it ages, deforms, and cracks.

2, profile thickness impact
For UPVC door and frame, the door and frame has four thicknesses of 60mm, 80mm, 85mm and 88mm. The thicker the profile, the higher the price. In general, 60-thick steel profiles are suitable for use on the sixth floor or below, and at least 80 thick on the sixth floor.

3. Influence of steel lining thickness
In order to reinforce the steel profile, the steel lining should be sandwiched inside the UPVC door and frame, and the steel lining has two degrees of 1.2mm and 1.5mm. The standard is 1.2mm thick, which is enough for ordinary households.

4, the impact of hardware sources
Whether the hardware is imported or made in China is also a major factor in determining the price of UPVC door.
Paint hardware depends on the surface finish and the brand logo is clear; stainless steel hardware can be used to try the magnet, if it feels magnetic, then the hardware may rust in a short period of time.

5, the impact of UPVC door and frame price
The most common price of domestically produced brand UPVC door on the market is about ¥35~42 square meters. If you choose imported brand profiles and configure higher-grade glass or high-grade hardware, the price will even reach ¥71~114 square meters; The price of UPVC door that are not up to standard is generally around ¥21~28 square meters.

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